The Chenonceau a fabulously curvaceous French style stone chimneypiece

This natural stone fire surround came from our portfolio,s and asking the client what they actually liked from several chimneypieces within them.This is what we do on our site viists sometimes there is a definite idea or a standard design may be what is required but it's always nice to produce the truely one off's.It was from these thoughts and ideas that springs this fantastically curvaceous French style fireplace Designed by Templestone and carved by our stonemasons. At the moment this is the only one in this design but I can imagine us producing a few more firesurrounds as this one. The style lends itself to scaling quite easily so if you can't fit this size in perhaps we could alter it for you. Quality, Service and value, Always From Templestone. The panel can be plain or other lettering carved in. Everything produced in our Somerset masonry.

The  overall size of this firesurround in the images is 2420mm wide x 1700mm tall or 95 inches wide x 67 inches tall