The Tudor Gothic in York Sandstone

This glorious example of Templestones skills in design and stone carving came about from clients who had been trying everywhere to find exactly what they wanted. They had seen some that they liked bits of and finally found Templestone. From our first phone call they then sent images down of the existing brick chimney breast and woodburner this can be seen in the gallery beside. From images that they had and discussions over height and width and input from all parties we came up with a grand gothic fireplace that sits in the room with enough of a statement but does not impose upon or dominate the room. The carved details and mouldings all flow and combine to make a truly great fire surround. Every detail can be altered and changed or even left out completely to suit any given clients wants and desires.The stone used was the clients local Sandstone provided in scants or slab from Cartworth moor Quarry, Yorkshire.

Sir Edwin Lutyens quite rightly said "There would be no great architects or great architecture without great patrons"

We at Templestone are only able to show our multitude of skills when a client is willing to pay for us to design and carve stonework to the levels that we do. A lot of what we produce is totally bespoke and does not have to be all intricately carved to make a statement in somebodies home or business. If you see some of our other examples you will see that sometimes simplicity is all that is needed.