Templestones clad stone stairs & stone window mullions & jambs

The first images are of a new set of steps that we put in over 2 floors with half landings being taken out and our winders put in so creating more room on the landings to rooms and completely changing the whole look and feel of the stair. This was all produced in Ancaster limestone. The round window was also produced by us in Bath limestone. The rail at the top of the central wall is also of Bath limestone.

The next 3 flights of stairs were clad with treads and risers in Ancaster hard white natural limestone. The structure had been built by others from steel and concrete. They had a small problem in that the screed of 65mm had been forgotten about so making all the levels wrong from each floor to the next landing. Templestone as ever managed to get over this and produce a fine set of stairs all with equal treads and risers from top to bottom.

Image 12 of 13 shows our new stone Mullions and jambs produced in Natural Bath limestone. Image 13 of 13 shows the original that we replicated to go on the end wall of a renovation and extension.