Some new pictures here of the staircase in Guernsey finally being finished. The client had a lot of trouble finding a company that would produce a good job and travel out to the wilds of Guernsey. The company he found has finished the work in some style and sent me these images, which was very good of him. We had many long chats about this job so that he could fully understand how it works before he started. All worth the effort.The company involved in these handrails is  The person to speak too is Richard Underwood.

This cantilever stone staircase is we believe the first of its kind to be installed without a supporting wall following its route. This is only fixed at the landing and at the foot of the stair.The methods of fixing and supporting these individual stone treads has been designed by Templestone and all Design rights belong to Templestone. All enquiries are most welcome.The biggest advantage to this method of installation is that these fantastic staircases can now be retrofitted to existing party walls or placed in the centre of large rooms so that its beauty can be seen from all angles. Templestone can think of many ways of adding to the methods used to create working sculptures of solid stone.

The 3D drawings shown are of some of our cantilever stairs that we have been progressing to completion. All design aspects of stone Cantilever stairs can be produced in house and using our 3D  Cad Draughtsman. The drawings shown and the actual stairs are all seperate projects.