Templestones reconstituted range of surrounds are moulded from masters which are designed and hand-carved by ourselves. This means that they have all the pores and pocks of the original stone. Along with the advanced mould technology, this is part of what makes them look and feel so real. The manufacturing process is such that these surrounds are as heavy and solid as natural stone. They can be used anywhere that stone can be and are even cold to the touch. All in all, to the uninitiated, they can easily pass as the real thing. Other tradesmen often ask us when we are fitting them which stone are they made of!

Reconstituted surrounds are produced in two colours; Bathstone or Portland. They are hand finished with natural beeswax to provide a lasting protection and to enrich the colour. Whilst these products are ostensibly fixed in size and finish, over the years we have developed many strategies for adapting them to suit our customers individual needs.

They are all set up for you to view in our showroom as if in your own home with different finishes to chambers and opening sizes.

All Templestone Reconstituted surrounds are produced at our workshops in Castle Cary, Somerset in the United Kingdom.