Oak Fireplace update

At Templestone we are happy to try and update significant timber fireplaces with some extra detailing in stone or slate. Many large homes have had in the past the fireplace closed down to some fairly tiny sizes. The flues can accomodate what they were originally built for and opening them up can be done reasonably easily by us.

These 2 were in the same house,the Oak one had a flue from a boiler joining in the back of it which was sorted out by the client, as they had to install a large new boiler anyway.This one had Bath limestone used for the hearth and slips and 2 chamber sides. The white painted one had been closed down to a tiny standard fireback that you might find in a much more modest home and with out a grand timber fireplace and overmantel. This one had Portland stone slips carved for it which in the photo are wet along with stone chamber panels all round. The stone wil dry to the normal off white colour of Portland stone.