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Mar 25, 2013

New Apprentice starts

Our new Apprentice was formally signed up today with CITB. No its not Alan Sugar or Lord Alan Sugar as it should be Now that he has surpassed the Sir Alan Sugar.

It is in fact Chris Buckley from Northumberland. Chris is proving to be minor asset to the company at present but he will over time become a major one I'm sure. Chris is the second Apprentice we have taken on in the last 4 years. Our last, won Trainee of the year in 2010 at the City of Bath college. Being a company that produces everything in Great Britain we are able and willing to do this as opposed to so many larger competitors who purely import fireplaces from their own factorys in China.

If Great Britain is to ever compete we have to train our own skilled people and we have to employ them in this country. Great Britain.