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Mar 23, 2012


We continue to support several charities and the NSPCC is one that I believe very strongly in. Children unfortunately sometimes have no one at all that they can speak to and Childline is now able to answer the majority of phone calls that are made to it as opposed to a while back only perhaps 1 in 4. They have also set up and expanded a significant online avenue for children to ask for help and guidance.

The delightful Deborah Meaden was at the forefront of this campaign which raised over £2million. When we got involved no mention was made of this particular club but we were invited after raising the £1600  It was the 1600 club!

Many small businesses make some great items that at cost price to them as there donation given as a raffle prize can raise much more for the chosen charity. If you are a business owner give it a go. It could be time that you offer as a service but the mark up to the charity can be great indeed.