At Templestone we pride ourselves on producing flooring from many British Limestones. The pictures to the left are of several floors that we produced from a range of British limestones.

Templestone is not a mass producer of flooring so we do not carry stocks of standard sizes. What we like to do is measure the rooms in question and cut stone to give you a pattern that fits or random sizes that are truly random in width and length. This can give you tiles that are 630mm sq or 417mm or any size at all but what you get is full tiles running into skirtings or borders that are fitted in rather than lots of thin cuts.

The square hallway on the left did have floor boards that the owner sold to a reclamation company. When we first saw the floor it was massively out of level and some joists had major issues. We set about levelling some of it but left the rest and when the floor had been laid we worked on the edges of tiles so that they rolled into each other. This gave the effect of the flooring looking as if it had been down for centuries and having moved over time with the joist's below.

We can also age the tiles or our clad stairs or steps to put in wear from walking up and down the same spot over decades or centuries. If your requirement is to have a Cathedral floor worn in all the right places then we can provide it .Plain or patterned flooring aged or not aged we can supply everything you need.

If your needs are diverse and awkward for others then please contact us Bespoke is what we do every day.