A large bespoke designed Jacobean Fireplace

This  Jacobean stone fireplace or fire surround was designed by us to go around an original opening that had been closed down in the past. The new owners of the property under direction from there architect rebuilt the back of the chamber and throat, this works very well with a complete new flue and damper to cut out drafts when the fire is not lit. The fireplace is carved from natural Bath limestone. with a kerb edging around the hearth to stop any rolling logs if they should occur. As with all of our designs they can be from any suitable natural or real stone. We carry a stock range of stones but are more than willing to work in others at the request of the client.

The size of this firesurround is 2940mm wide x 1841mm tall or 116 inches wide x 73 inches tall.

The opening size is 1978mm wide x 1296mm tall or 78 inches wide x 51 inches tall

So generally quite big as you can see.