NATURAL STONE a general introduction

All of our standard designs of stone fireplaces can be produced, in natural stone, to any dimension or design to suit rooms of any size, from back bedrooms to grand salons. We can design surrounds from a few ideas or to precise dimensions from architectural drawings.

Our stone masons have acquired their skills renovating Cathedrals and historic buildings both in this country and abroad. Clients can be assured of some of the finest traditional skills being used in the manufacture of their stone fire surround.

The materials used are generally oolitic limestones from the mines around Bath. They each have their own distinct character making their selection an important aspect of the finished article. We can also source stones from other parts of England and northern France. We will source what ever is needed to meet our customer's requirements and will give advice as to what may suit in any given situation.

All components are cut and carved to order at our workshops in Castle Cary so if your requirement is non-standard, as most are, we can always accommodate you. Indeed, the majority of what we produce is amended to meet our clients needs or entirely bespoke to fulfil a commission.

We use Italian Black Slate, honed to produce a wonderfully satin finish, as an alternative and contrasting material for slips and hearths. Almost uniquely, we use 30mm thick slate for hearths to give more distinctive affect. Limestone hearth's tend to be 50mm but can be any thickness required. We produce all our own hearths to variable sizes in width, depth and height to suit each surround or situation.They all must and do conform to building regs at all times.

All Templestone Real-stone surrounds are produced at our workshops in Castle Cary, Somerset in the United Kingdom. All types of fires can be used within our surrounds.