A Breathtaking stone fireplace for a Great Hall in Scotland

This Fireplace was one of five that we have installed in this one magnificent Scottish home. If you follow all the images through you will see how it was put together and what a fantastic fireplace it is when completed. It is yet another fine fireplace to add to our collection. We have produced and installed taller and heavier in completely different styles and in alternative stones but this one along with all of our other work makes me extremely proud. From an image given to us we changed the design and added details to make it our own. The natural stone is Bath limestone. It was designed and carved by Templestone Masonry in our workshops in Somerset Great Britain.

I don't usually show on our website much work that is as we installed it, as the stone needs to dry out and some people may get the wrong impression. The colour when dry will be a light cream.

This home will not be finished until the summer of 2012. We have gone back Feb 2013 to take photographs now it is furnished and decorated along with the other rooms. The walls that you can see around will be covered in wood panelling and can only add to the magnificence of a truly breathtaking fireplace.

It is only with clients like ours, that are willing to pay for great skills to be used in producing fabulous things, that Templestone Masonry can add to the fabric that makes Great Britain the Great it is.

This home has been built to still be around and lived in for the next few centuries or more. It is a pleasure to be associated with it in such a lasting way.