Abinger common stone fireplace

This asymmetrical stone fireplace was designed to sit alongside an inset Television screen to the left,around a Stuv double sided stove. The stove being off centre to the remaining wall space and behind the plastered wall line.

A design was put forward by Templestone to the clients when they had come down to our Somerset workshops to look at what we have here and can do here. The surround in these pictures had again only just been installed. Therefore the stone is much darker than it will be when dry. The stone being Bath limestone. The clients words when finished were, I wasnt sure from the drawing but It's great. Templestone will always try to produce a fireplace that fits any given situation. We do not just provide standard fireplaces as a take it or leave it scenario. If any customer speaks to us with any queries regarding design or style to suit literally any given situation,they usually leave very happy.