A 4 sided stone fireplace

This 4 sided fireplace was an amalgamation of ideas from Richard Billington,his client and Templestone Masonry. We have worked with Richard in the past and he needed a company that could produce something out of the ordinary and put in some thought on how to cover the large steel frame that is holding all this up. We were not asked to get involved until all of this was fitted and as such were handed a fait accompli as a base to start from. Fearing nothing we designed the Bath stone fireplace and produced drawings showing all facets of the build up of the stone trying at all times to hide joints as much as possible. The steel frame can not be seen anywhere,even from within the fireplace,having been totally encapsulated in stone.Please get in contact as soon as possible with any idea so that the end result is the best possible outcome. These new images now added show what a glorious home and fireplace it is.